Drive Test is conducted for checking coverage criteria of a cell site with RF drive test tool. The data collected by drive test tool as Log files is analyzed to evaluate various RF parameters of the network, Drive Route and Site Data for the sites to be driven is taken from customer.

  1. Collect list of Nominal's to be surveyed, from the customer. In case of new town surveys where Nominal's are not provided, NEO SIGMA will survey the town and provide a nominal for suitable site location
  2. Use the survey report template forwarded by the customer
  3. Identify physical location of the proposed nominal and locate 3 candidates (maximum) for each nominal, as per search ring size suggested by the customer
  4. Survey the site for RF suitability
  5. Record Latitude and Longitude, building height etc. of the proposed candidates
  6. Estimate and provide required GSM Antenna heights and orientation, proposed tower / pole location (s) will also be marked on a rough sketch of the building (rooftop) or ground site (for each candidate)
  7. Take site photographs (360 degrees panoramic view and building / site elevation) for each candidate as given in the survey template by you
  8. Record physical addresses of the candidates and site owner / manager contact details (where available)
  9. Complete the Site Survey Candidate evaluation report
  10. Line Of Site (LOS) Survey

Network Optimization Tools Used are as the following:

  • TEMS Investigation
  • Nemo Tool Kit
  • CDMA Air Interface Tester (CAIT)
  • Nemo Analyser
  • Actix Analyzer